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The CTL Working Group supports implementation of CCT College Teaching and Learning Strategy. It is designed to enhance teaching and learning at CCT, in a practical and immediate way to facilitate students' learning. The CLT Working Group facilitates continuous reflection on teaching and learning in the College, responding to the needs of each programme as they arise.

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A schedule of CTL activities, including the 'Coversations' series and the 'Playground' series can be accessed via the button below.

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In line with best practice in the literature, peer observation in the context of CCT, is between the lecturer (observee) and Fiona O’Riordan (observer), and is entirely voluntary, confidential, and bidirectional between the peer observer(s) and observee.

This is an opportunity to validate your performance as a lecturer, and perhaps gain new insights. It will serve as a very useful tool for the upcoming CCT College programme revalidations as you can, at your discretion, draw on the feedback you received to support your practice and development.

A general report will be written and updated by Fiona O’Riordan for the programme revalidations and other review processes, highlighting good practice in CCT, and areas for improvement through resource support (e.g. teaching and learning initiatives).

The report will be written in a totally anonymous manner and will be general in nature.

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