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The Hume Library at CCT College Dublin is named in honour of John Hume, a renowned politician, peace advocate, and Nobel laureate hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland. In addition to receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Hume was also awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Martin Luther King Award, all in recognition of his efforts towards the Northern Irish Peace Process.



The library has both a print collection and a comprehensive online presence that grants students access to top IT and business journal databases and e-books. These resources enable students to stay updated with the latest peer-reviewed journals and academic papers whether on or off campus.

The library staff works closely with faculty and administrative staff to ensure that students receive the highest quality teaching and learning support and they are available to assist students with research-related queries throughout the year. 

The library also provides additional resources for students, including the ability to borrow laptops for lectures, printing services, and guidance on study skills, academic writing, and research methods.

The Hume Library's database subscriptions include EBSCO's Computers and Applied Sciences Complete, Business Source Ultimate, and the eBook Collection. The library also subscribes to EBSCO's Discovery search, which allows for simultaneous searching across several databases.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the library staff for further information.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning, which is located within the library, serves as a hub for faculty development, providing support and resources to help our faculty members enhance their teaching methodologies and approaches. Additionally, it creates a nurturing environment for post-graduate students to engage in research-based activities and pursue their academic endeavors.

One specific objective is to promote cross-disciplinary research, fostering communication and collaboration among faculty members from different disciplines. By encouraging cross-faculty engagement, we aim to create synergies and stimulate innovative ideas that could have a positive impact on both teaching practices and research outcomes.

Through the establishment of the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the encouragement of academic research across faculties, we are committed to continuously enhancing the quality of education and overall learning experience for our students and faculty members alike. By fostering a collaborative and supportive academic environment, we believe we can achieve our goals and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of knowledge and learning.